Late Opening – Monday 19th March

The MET office have updated their forecast (as of 7pm) and we are expected snow throughout this evening and freezing temperatures into the early hours of tomorrow morning. Whilst main roads are clear, several staff have contacted me today to state that the back roads around where they live are icy and dangerous. Therefore I have decided to have a late opening tomorrow to allow staff and students the time to travel safely to school.

School will open at 10am on Monday 19th March, with tutor time from 10.05 – 10.15 and lessons as normal after this. The school bus run will be delayed by one hour.

We encourage students and staff to wear warm sensible clothing and footwear to ensure safe movement around the school campus. Uniform for Monday only is optional unless students are on the Science trip to the university in the afternoon. We would like to thank parents, students and staff for their understanding.

Kind Regards,

Krista Dawkins

Weather Warning

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As you will be in no doubt aware we have had another period of snowfall. The sites have been inspected and at this moment in time our intention is to open as normal tomorrow.

I will be assessing the situation overnight and in the morning, as more snowfall is forecast this evening, coupled with freezing temperatures. Please be aware that we will not be requiring pupils to wear uniform tomorrow. Please ensure they are in warm, sensible clothing and footwear, which will aid safe travel to and from school.

Please keep an eye on our facebook page, website and school comms for further updates.

Kind Regards,

Krista Dawkins

Parent Bulletin – 9th March 2018

Please find attached Parent Bulletin for week ending 9th March: –

Parent Bulletin 9th March 2018

Parent Bulletin – 2nd March 2018

Please find attached Parent Bulletin for week ending 2nd March: –

Parent Bulletin 2nd March 2018

School to Remain Closed on Friday

As the weather is getting progressively worse, with freezing temperatures and high winds forecast overnight I have taken another difficult decision to close both campuses tomorrow Friday 2nd March.

More work will be placed on Show My Homework but also encourage the students to have some fun! Year 11 please use this opportunity for some revision. I have not taken this decision lightly but the safety of everyone is paramount. I feel that by letting parents know sooner they can make appropriate arrangements.

If any anyone has concerns please email me directly.

With very best wishes.

School Closed Today

Snow has arrived earlier than anticipated.

The Site Manager has expressed concerns about extreme cold temperatures and high winds, alongside the snow. In the interests of parent, staff and student safety we have taken the very difficult decision to close for today.

We will update parents throughout the day about Friday.

Early Closure Tomorrow

Dear Parents/Carers


The current forecast for tomorrow (Thursday) is that heavy snow will fall through the day, increasing during the morning.


It is always difficult to second-guess the conditions, but in order to ensure the safety of children and staff I have made the decision to close the school early tomorrow. We aim to open at the normal time and close the school at 1.00pm. We have spoken with taxi companies and they have agreed to collect children travelling to and from school by taxi at the earlier time.


Please talk with children this evening and ensure that they are clear about where they are going and how they are getting there. I would ask parents to avoid coming onto site, as if conditions have deteriorated, it can be difficult to exit the site safely. Our aim is that the site will be closed as soon after 1.00pm as possible to allow all staff to get home safely.

Students and staff can come into school in any warm clothing and appropriate footwear.  Uniform is not necessary.


If conditions deteriorate overnight, we will review opening tomorrow morning and update the parents accordingly. In addition, if conditions deteriorate as we move through the morning we may bring forward the closure time to ensure a safe departure. If this is the case, we will update parents.  Please also discuss this possibility with children and ensure they have the ability to contact you during the day tomorrow. If any student is due to be collected and cannot leave until 1.00pm they will be kept in school until the planned closure time and supervised by staff who can walk to and from school.


Closing the school is never an easy decision but the safety of our students and staff is always at the forefront of this process. Students, and particularly year 11 students, will be given direction about study/revision that they can do at home.


Yours sincerely

Krista Dawkins


Adverse Weather Conditions Update

Dear Parents/Carers


Adverse Weather Conditions


The school’s Senior Leadership Team have met today to review the current forecast, including the amber warning issued by the MET Office for the South West region.


Overnight temperatures are expected to fall to -5 degrees, rising to -3 degrees at 9.00am tomorrow morning.  In addition, an amber weather warning is in place forecasting heavy snow between 12.00pm and 3.00pm tomorrow.  Whilst we will monitor this throughout the day and overnight, we anticipate that the school may have to close tomorrow.  We are informing you now to give you ample warning, as it is possible that staff and students who travel in to school from all over the South of England, may not be able to get into school.  It is paramount that we think about the safety of staff, parents and students travelling to and from school.


We will be placing work for students on Show My Homework for them to complete in the event of a school closure.


In the event of the school closing, we will notify everyone via Schoolcomms, our Facebook page, Twitter, the school website and there will be a notice on


We appreciate your understanding in this matter and want to be open and transparent with parents at this moment in time.  We will keep you informed of developments throughout the day.


The site team will be gritting as much as possible early in the morning, but the exposure of both sites does cause a significant ice risk.


Yours sincerely

Krista Dawkins


Parent Bulletin – 23rd Feb 2018

Please find attached Parent Bulletin for week ending 23rd February:-

Parent Bulletin 23rd Feb 2018

Parent Bulletin – 9th Feb 2018

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Parent Bulletin 9th Feb 2018