Inclusion Support

Alternative Learning is a fantastic new provision that offers both learning and support to students at Crestwood College.

Personal Development (PD) will offer support to students who are having difficulties with self esteem, confidence, anger, shyness, friendship issues or school phobia this could be for a term or two. PD will offer support to students who are not working to their best ability and need support within small year groups that will usually meet one afternoon a week.

The Alternative Learning (AL) provision is designed for students who have exhibited challenging behaviour and may be in danger of permanent exclusion, or students who have missed a large amount of school and need to catch up.

“The college has ensured that those students who have the lowest attainment, those who are disabled or have special educational needs are making good and rapid progress.” – Ofsted

Students may access the provision for varied amounts of time from a few hours to a whole term depending on their individual needs.

Students will be offered an alternative learning experience with core subjects such as Maths and English alongside personal development that will help to address confidence, self esteem, anger or other issues that are preventing them from accessing education.

Sessions in AL are  designed with PDAL staff and class teachers to design  a programme to meet the individual needs of the student.  Students will be assessed at regular intervals and it is hoped that they will be able to gradually return to mainstream classes.