Plate Final Winners

We would like to say a massive congratulations to our Year 9 Basketball team who last night performed brilliantly, to not only take the final to overtime, but then to come out as winners.

Year 9 Basketball Team

Year 9 Basketball Team

The game started slowly with our starting five of Josh, Charlie, Brad, TK and Symone potentially suffering from nerves giving Romsey 6 early points. Cosmin was introduced in place of Symone who went on to play well in the remainder of the quarter. Unfortunately by the end of the second quarter Crestwood were still losing and heads were starting to drop.

Going into the third quarter PJ and Harry came on from the bench and had a good impact on the game. Harry with some great work in defense followed by a game changer from young PJ. Having picked up the ball just outside the 3 point line PJ dribbled a couple of times before setting himself and shooting. As the ball was travelling towards the basket PJ cried out “Nooo” before the ball landed in the hoop scoring a much needed 3 points. This but a smile on everyones faces including the scorer himself. From this position the team really started to believe that they had a chance to come back in the game despite still being at least 8 points behind.

Over the next few minutes the boys worked extremely hard but still went into the break behind. In the forth quarter Callum was brought on with the team desperate for some quick points. With time ticking away it was looking more and more unlikely of Crestwood closing the gap to win the game.

1 minute left, 5 points behind, surely it couldn’t be done.

Up steps the talented Josh who picks up the ball just outside the three point line and sinks it much to the excitement of Mrs Dawkins, Mr Murray and the rest of the onlooking supporters.

20 seconds left, 2 points behind…

Josh waits at the half way line where Romsey’s ball carrier approaches quickly attempting to dribble past him. A heart in mouth moment as Josh manages to get a hand on the ball and steal it, leaving him meters away from the basket with only 5 seconds on the clock.

The room went quiet as Josh jumped up for the lay up, the ball dancing around the rim, before eventually dropping in giving Crestwood the 2 points to level the game with 2 seconds left. OVERTIME!

5 minutes left for Crestwood to potentially clinch the Plate. It was now that the crowd really started to get behind the boys and it showed. Soon enough Crestwood were 6 points clear thanks to Brad and Josh. With very little time left and Romsey requiring 5 points to win on came Antonio to mark Romsey’s tall number 8.

Eventually after a long and draining game for everyone involved the buzzer went off and they had done it. After being down for the majority of the match the squad worked hard to pick up a great win and their excitement showed.

The squad showed great commitment and fight throughout the basketball season with various players stepping up and helping us to get to the Final. Every player involved should be very proud of what they have achieved!!


The squad:
  • TK
  • Peter Mark
  • Symone Richards-Blythe
  • Harry Northy
  • Bradley Mortimer
  • Antonio Demetriou
  • Bradley Steele
  • Joshua Acopio
  • Cosmin Stan
  • Callum Taggart
  • Charlie McNeill