Red Button Challenge Winners

The Cisco Red Button Challenge is where you design, market, finance and produce an application for the Red Button. The 2014 team consisted of 5 members who were: Pranjali Malhan – the Project manager; Danielle Fisher, Dylan Jonas, Talia-Jayne Felstead and Liane Taylor.

NDS Red Button

Red Button Challenge Winners

Our application was called CORE, a health and fitness application designed to aid and motivate people to obtain a healthier lifestyle, one of the main objectives that was included was to lose weight. The health and fitness genre was chosen as our research showed there was gap for us in the market as there was no other application similar to it. Additionally, the group showed immense interest and dedication to this particular field.

Throughout the project we had to apply many different skills and produce a large amount of work. All this work led up to the final stage of the challenge, finals day.

As the final soon approached so did our nerves, we headed into the Final with our endless preparation in mind. To begin with we set up our stall, and waited to present. The presentation was a very enjoyable experience and helped to improve our confidence. Afterwards, we felt we gained the confidence to answer the questions. They questioned us on every aspect of our application especially producing the application.

After having lunch and watching a short presentation on the future of technology we were faced with the suspenseful await of the results. As the sub-prizes were announced our tension grew. Finally, the winning results were told and Crestwood won! All our efforts had paid off!

We really enjoyed the whole process as it gave us an invaluable insight in the actual business world.