Sky Sports Studios Visit

On the 2nd April a group of 28 Year 10 GCSE PE students went to West London, Osterley to visit the Sky Sports Studios. The primary aim was to develop a documentary on the theme ‘Drugs in Sport’; a current topic, they had been studying at school.
Sky Sports Trip
The trip started off with a coach journey, with everyone in anticipation and not knowing what to expect. We arrived and sat down in a green room, to find out about the studios history, the sorts of films made and famous actors, actresses and presenters that had been there. On route to our very own dressing room, we saw Tubesy (Peter Dale); a well known presenter of Soccer Am. We were then greeted by 6 different leaders, who assigned us roles, from Director to Cameraman to Presenter. Then it was the time for pupils to shine in the spotlight, as they went off into each of the 4 studios and developed their individual part to the documentary, including: the introduction, on location, Sky Sportseye witness and expert reports. The pupils certainly didn’t let us down, eager to look the part, they dressed up using Sky’s fancy dress box. The pupils developed a script, set a background, shot each scene and edited it, all on their own. Whilst all reports were collated, they went on a tour of the studios, visiting the current Cricket 20/20 studio used. Whereby pupils learnt all about the lighting, camera’s and set development. They then went back up to see their report being played and introduced by a current TV presenter. The report itself was informative, exciting and above all provided real comedy value, so much so a teacher had to walk out during production, because he couldn’t contain his laughter!

The pupils behaved impeccably well and were a real credit to themselves and the school. An all round great trip for pupils and staff alike!