Mrs Dawkins takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the Summer holidays, I was nominated by Mr Downs to undertake the Ice Bucket Challenge for the MND charity. In order to make this a whole school focus, we have decided that the Senior Leadership Team will undertake this challenge in return for contributions of £1.00 for this charity from our students.

The challenge will take place on Thursday 4 September after school outside the Drama Studio. For every £100 raised, a member of the SLT will complete the challenge – for £200 Mr Whittick; £300 Mr Nash; £400 Mrs Mitchener, £500 Mr Gibbs and for £600 I will undertake the challenge again.

If all students brought in £1.00, our target would be met. Money will be collected during tutor time.

I do hope that you will all feel able to support this worthwhile cause and thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Krista Dawkins