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Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015

Sports Day is an annual event at Crestwood and always encourages intense competition and a lot of team work to get the greatest reward, which is the sense of accomplishment and achievement. The house teams – Air, Earth, Water and Fire – were all fired up, each one wanting the glory of being the victor. However, they would have to use their strength, speed, observation and perseverance to win. Each person who took part in an event had the chance of being awarded a medal.

It was a close call for all the teams, every participant was giving their all!

Jumping and throwing events were filled with some of the strongest people in the school. They did not give up easily and continued striving on without a problem.Read more

GCSE Results 2015

Students can collect their GCSE results from 10am onwards in the crescent on Thursday 20 August 2015.  Any results not collected by midday will be sent home via first-class mail.

If you are unable to collect your results in person, please provide a signed note giving your permission for someone to collect them on your behalf.