Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015

Sports Day is an annual event at Crestwood and always encourages intense competition and a lot of team work to get the greatest reward, which is the sense of accomplishment and achievement. The house teams – Air, Earth, Water and Fire – were all fired up, each one wanting the glory of being the victor. However, they would have to use their strength, speed, observation and perseverance to win. Each person who took part in an event had the chance of being awarded a medal.

It was a close call for all the teams, every participant was giving their all!

Jumping and throwing events were filled with some of the strongest people in the school. They did not give up easily and continued striving on without a problem.

The tug of war was a challenging battle for all the teams. The Year 9 and Year 10 boys and girls kept going until their hands were numb from the fierce battle. Round after round, screaming and yelling, they did all they could to win. The outcome was a close result but everyone gave it their all. The Year 7’s and 8’s also gave it all they could with fierce determination. The game went onto the field where the Year 7 Fire and Earth teams had a battle, however some foul play was going on, with Mrs Dawkins of the Fire team and Mr Gibbs and Mr Russell of the Earth team taking on each other until everyone from the Earth and Fire Teams came on to play. However, the Ref kept control and made sure it was all fair. Each finalist was called up to compete in their final chance to win. Each year group had a winner and they played well. Those who didn’t get to the final did their best.

The races were about to start and everyone looked with anticipation for who would come out the winner. Everyone supported each other and a few supporters came out to help their team mates who were struggling. However, their teamwork made the person who tried to complete it for their team feel more of a winner than the actual winner. Everyone was trying their best to give it their all. The start of the race is never the same as the end, with different changes and last minute boosts from people in second place. After a small break, the teams went away and started making banners and posters to cheer their teammates on who were yet to participate in the races.

The relays started, with the participants taking a big lead. Everyone kept going, giving it everything they had, until they passed the finishing line, each person showing determination and speed. They were determined not to give up without a fight.

The teachers showed their enthusiasm by cheering the students on and working together to get the scores written into the official table. There is always room for the unexpected, like some pre-revenge from Tom Searls against Mr Russell after a mishap at Thorpe Park earlier in the week. However, he had no chance against Mr Russell and his “Teammates” (who he bribed with E-Praise points!) The other unexpected thing was Mr Tyler actually doing a good job at giving out medals.

In the tent some extreme Sports Day “Confidential” scoring was taking place. Mr Russell gave this quote:- “I really enjoy working with Miss Joyce with the scoring” and she later gave us a quote:- “This Sports Day is fantastic and working with Mr Russell is also amazing”.

Of course during Sports Day the members of staff wanted to participate of their own accord (I think). They started with the relay and they certainly had a very interesting way of running. I think Mr Tyler and Mr Handstock had the most interesting technique!

All year groups, Girls and Boys, did all they could to get the best positions. Even though some didn’t win, they still put their heart into what they were doing and gave it their all which is all that their

teams wanted. Sports Day 2015 was a great success and congratulations to the participants who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in all the races and to everyone for taking part.

Written by PJ Reed-Garton
Year 10 Student