DFE published data



19 October 2017


Dear Parents/Carers


You may be aware that recently provisional performance data for the last academic year was published on the DFE website.  We have found the publication of our provisional data most unhelpful, as it does not represent the good school that we are.  I would like to make you aware that the progress and attainment scores published for Crestwood are incorrect for three reasons:-


  1. Due to the amalgamation taking place part way through a KS4 programme of study, the BTEC and VCert qualifications of Year 11 took some time to be accredited as Crestwood’s results.  These have not been included in the figure on the government website and will not be included until it is updated in January 2018.
  2. We have had over 50 successful appeals to GCSE gradings that have seen improvements by as much as two grades in some cases.  These results have also not been included in the published provisional data and will not be included until January 2018.
  3. The amalgamation of Quilley School and Crestwood College brought about further issues that affected the data.  As part of the amalgamation we inherited children in Year 11, previously educated at Quilley, who were not educated on site but at places such as The Bridge Education Centre and Place to Learn in Eastleigh.  These students achieved few GCSE results and, through no fault of our own, had a significant impact on our progress score.


As a result of the appeals and inclusion of the missing results, our progress score will be reported as  -0.4.  However, if you remove the children who were not in full-time education and were taken on as a result of the amalgamation, the progress score improves to -0.2, which is in line with the results that were achieved at Crestwood last year and in line with national averages.


When our results are broken down, there are many positives that we are extremely proud of as a school.  These include Maths results with 65% of students achieving a 4 or higher (equivalent to grade C or above) and an improvement in Maths results on both campuses from last year.  English results at 69% of students achieving a 4 or above; Triple Science with 100% of our students achieving a C or above; Engineering with 100% of students achieving a C or above; VCert PE with 100% of students achieving a C or above; IT with 82% of students achieving a C or above and Geography with 75% of students achieving a C or above.  We are also proud of the amount of A*-A achieved in subjects, which are as follows: Engineering 58%, Biology 48%, Chemistry 37%, Physics 44%, Health and Fitness 25%, Geography 21%, Economics 21% and ICT 21%.




Every year group is different, containing unique individuals with a range of strengths and needs.  One set of results cannot be compared to other years because they are different children sitting these exams and they are different styles of exams.  What we are sure of is that Crestwood has had three ‘Good’ Ofsted reports under my leadership since 2006, which shows we consistently provide good education for our students.  This may not be the same for other local schools. Ofsted gradings reflect progress in a school over a 3-4 year period as well as looking at current standards within the school.  Reports are not based on one single set of results. In addition, we work closely with the Local Authority and  we have received considerable positive feedback about progress students make, good behaviour and the exemplary care they receive.


As a school we are always developing and striving to improve, we are not complacent. The school has made and will continue to make positive steps towards improvement year on year.  


This is the first year of Crestwood as an amalgamated school, we predicted the amalgamation would be a huge challenge and that there would be an impact on our results. As we are very child-centred we felt it was our duty to support the children at Quilley by providing the best quality education and making it one school with Crestwood. We did this voluntarily despite knowing that standards at Quilley had not been strong, and the school had been through very turbulent times. We are working very hard and great progress has been made to ensure that the strengths at Shakespeare campus are mirrored at Cherbourg.


I personally assure you that your child will leave in Year 11 fulfilling their potential and achieving the best results of which they are capable.  Our local authority have shown their trust and faith in myself as a headteacher, asking me on several occasions to step in and support other schools through troubled times. This is why we decided to amalgamate. I have found it a great privilege to be entrusted to continue to provide a good educational experience for the children of Eastleigh and I am resolute in my determination to give our children and our community the best possible future.


If any parents do have concerns, we are more than happy to discuss them.  


Yours sincerely


Krista Dawkins