Early Closure Tomorrow

Dear Parents/Carers


The current forecast for tomorrow (Thursday) is that heavy snow will fall through the day, increasing during the morning.


It is always difficult to second-guess the conditions, but in order to ensure the safety of children and staff I have made the decision to close the school early tomorrow. We aim to open at the normal time and close the school at 1.00pm. We have spoken with taxi companies and they have agreed to collect children travelling to and from school by taxi at the earlier time.


Please talk with children this evening and ensure that they are clear about where they are going and how they are getting there. I would ask parents to avoid coming onto site, as if conditions have deteriorated, it can be difficult to exit the site safely. Our aim is that the site will be closed as soon after 1.00pm as possible to allow all staff to get home safely.

Students and staff can come into school in any warm clothing and appropriate footwear.  Uniform is not necessary.


If conditions deteriorate overnight, we will review opening tomorrow morning and update the parents accordingly. In addition, if conditions deteriorate as we move through the morning we may bring forward the closure time to ensure a safe departure. If this is the case, we will update parents.  Please also discuss this possibility with children and ensure they have the ability to contact you during the day tomorrow. If any student is due to be collected and cannot leave until 1.00pm they will be kept in school until the planned closure time and supervised by staff who can walk to and from school.


Closing the school is never an easy decision but the safety of our students and staff is always at the forefront of this process. Students, and particularly year 11 students, will be given direction about study/revision that they can do at home.


Yours sincerely

Krista Dawkins