Design & Technology Challenge at the Year 6 Open Evening

Thank you for all those students (and parents / carers) who had a go at the D&T challenge.

The discussions with parents and students hopefully helped them understand the creative and innovate challenges our students are faced with, at GCSE level.

The task was to identify the purpose (or use) of each of the four products (see photo).

It was important to understand that some of the answers may not have matched what the product was originally set out to do, but they could still be (re-used) for that new purpose. There were some amazing responses from you.

Here’s the original purpose, with some of the suggestions from you…

A: IPad holder, for use in the kitchen

Your suggestions:

Key holder (Lola, Sian Williams and Aydia Ray/Nightingale Primary, Will Mercer/Stoke Park Junior, Ryan Gilpin/Crestwood CS)

Tablet holder (Thomas Huelin/Cherbourg Primary)

Book holder (Cameron/Shakespeare Primary)

Mirror holder (Alexis Mason/Crescent Primary, Tom Alexander/Crestwood CS)


B: This is a bike alarm, for 1 – 2 small children’s bikes.

How it works: When the main switch is on and the wheel touches the trigger switch, the LED light comes on (to tell you it is on / working). If the bikes are removed – the buzzer / alarm is triggered, to tell the owner.

Your suggestions:

Bike alarm (Ralph J/Crescent Primary)

Bike stand (Harry Nye/North Baddesley Junior)

Shelf (Will Mercer/Stoke Park Junior)

Shoe rack (Libby Mercer/Stoke Park Junior)

Book holder (Cameron Else/Norwood)

Reams of paper storage – alarm comes on when its empty (Les Thompson – Dad)

Tea towel rack (Thomas Huelin/Cherbourg Primary)


C: This is a fit-bit or smart watch holder. This product includes function and aesthetics.

Your suggestions:

Hold paper (Layla Gilpin/Nightingale Primary, Ryan Gilpin/Crestwood CS)

Candle holder (Lola, Thomas Huelin/Cherbourg Primary, Rose Pearson/Shakespeare Junior, Harvi Patel/Stoke Park Junior, Cameron Else/Norwood)

Letter holder (Christopher Hakkan/Crestwood Junior, Tom Alexander/ Crestwood CS, Libby Mercer/Stoke Park, Alexis Mason/Crescent Primary)

Torch holder (Alex Thompson/Norwood)

Stationary holder (Will Mercer/Stoke Park)


D: Storage for fruit and sharp knives.

Your suggestions:

Candle holder (Ralph J/Crescent Primary)

Coin game / holder (Lola, Will and Libby Mercer/Stoke Park, Hannah/ Compton Primary, Gracie/Compton Primary)

Holding and breaking an egg (Benjamin Knight/Crescent Primary)

Thimble holder (Mr A Parsons – Dad)

Paint palette (Alex Thompson/Norwood Primary, Harvi Patel/Stoke Park Junior, Layla Gilpin/Nightingale Primary)

Make up palette (Harry Nye/North Baddesley Juniors, Nina/Shakespeare Junior)

Used for chopping (Oliver Parker/Oakley Juniors)

Knife rack (Thomas Huelin/Cherbourg Primary)

Potato cutter / knife holder (Henry Packer/Oakley Juniors)


Thank you again for coming to visit Crestwood Community School

Mr Baker