Latest Coronavirus Advice

Dear Parents,
I am writing to give you an update following the Government’s press conference today, following a Cobra Meeting.
I urge all parents to continue to watch the news and follow the advice and guidance issued by the Government. That advice is: 


  • If you either have a new persistent cough, are finding it difficult to breathe , have a high temperature, or a combination of these symptoms, please stay at home for 7 days if you live alone or isolate yourselves as a family for 14 days if one person in the household has symptoms. 
  • All non essential travel should be avoided.
  • Pubs, clubs and Theatres should be avoided.
  • All social gatherings should be avoided.
  • If you display no symptoms then you carry on as normal.
I am not a medical expert and I am not in a position to offer any other advice but I urge parents to act in a way that they feel is appropriate for their families. I have stated previously we will support our families in whatever you decide to do in your best interests.
For those students off school as they are displaying symptoms or in a household that displays symptoms, will have their attendance coded to reflect this as exceptional circumstances.
As a result of the guidance issued today the PGL trip will be cancelled, as will the DofE Silver Award trip, as these are deemed as non essential. 
As a school you know we have taken other measures as outlined in my letter on Friday and we will continue to act in the best way for our students, staff, parents and community.
To clarify for you we have no staff members off work because they display symptoms of the Coronavirus. I do however have staff who have significant health issues that have decided to stay away from school for the time being to protect themselves, which I believe is reasonable actions.
As for closing the school it is not my decision it is the Government who will decide. If we have many staff off and we are operationally unable to open, then this will be a decision made with Hampshire County Council. As such, staff absence presently is minimal. 
Please do inform the school immediately if you are self isolating, due to your child or others in the household have symptoms, so we code this correctly. 

I will endeavour to keep you informed as more guidance is released. I cannot say anything other than I have stated here. Please stay safe and follow the advice issued. #Crestwoodfamily

Best Wishes,

Krista Dawkins