Positive COVID-19 Case, Year 11

Dear Parent/ Carer,

I am sure that by this point you are aware that we have had a positive COVID case in Year 11 at Shakespeare today, resulting in 75% of the year group having to isolate until the end of term.

I am also writing to update you that one of the Year 8 students that
displayed symptoms yesterday and was consequently tested for COVID, has also returned a positive result.

As a result of 2 confirmed cases in Year 8 at Shakespeare, in such a short space of time, I can confirm now that the entire Year 8 at Shakespeare will need to isolate until Thursday 17th December, returning to school on Friday 18th if you wish them to do so.

To reiterate what was said in yesterday’s email:
Given the timing, near the end of term, PHE agree that this is the safest and best course of action, ensuring your Christmas is as normal as it can be. This means the following:
Your child will need to remain at home in isolation until the end of Thursday 17th December, which is 14 days from the two day period prior to the positive test being taken.
Your child will return to school on Friday 18th December, if you wish them to. As it is only half a day on this date, I will leave this decision to you as parents.
Your family DO NOT need to isolate, unless anyone in your household develops symptoms.
Your child does not need to be tested unless they develop symptoms.
If your child is tested and you receive a negative result they still need to isolate for the full period.
Online learning will commence as soon as possible for your child, Mr Birtwhistle will send out details tomorrow.
Free School meal students will receive a food parcel delivery as soon as this can be arranged.
Please be reassured we are doing our best to manage each case as best we can, we do not act on our own but work closely with PHE and DfE following the advice given.

Please do contact myself or Mr. Gibbs if you have any further queries via email.

Best wishes,
Mrs. Krista Dawkins