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What Will I Do When I Leave School?

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Virtual Careers Festival

Each year we hold a careers fair and invite colleges, universities and employers to come and talk to you about the choices and pathways available to you after you leave Crestwood. This year we will not be able to do this so we have created this virtual careers festival.

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How much can I earn as a…..?

Did you know that there are now THOUSANDS of jobs available through apprenticeships – you can Earn As You Learn! Click on the image below to find out Just how many there are:

Occupational Maps

“Skills Champions are young people from all walks of life, who have overcome different challenges throughout their lives in order to thrive and succeed – personally and professionally. Hear from them as they discuss how their choices shaped their journey and they offer valuable insights to young people”

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Did you know that there are over 350 different careers in the NHS? Click on the link to find out if one of them might suit you!,E87W,1WDFXD,1MVFC,1

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The WOW Show – It’s Your Future

Find Out More About Apprenticeships

This Month: Take a look at Construction – there may be more to it than you thought

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Did you think the NHS was just for doctors and nurses? Think again! There are over 350 careers paths in the National Health Service – watch this to find out more!

Social Media – Don’t let it ruin your career

University or apprenticeship?

Video on being a cyber security apprentice

Education Development Trust LMI Bulletin

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Newsletter article on CEG June 2018

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