Creative and Media

Media is the study of anything that reaches the masses and anything that is manufactured to appeal to a large audience. The study of media could include films, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, comics, documentaries, music, advertisements, leaflets, web pages etc.

Students of media G.C.S.E. at Crestwood study all aspects of the media and this leads to coursework; for example they will compare two film trailers or adverts and say how they appeal to the audience they are manufactured for. Media G.C.S.E. is also about creating and designing a piece of original media; for example writing a script, designing a storyboard for an advert or making a documentary on a particular subject.

Media G.C.S.E. is 60% coursework and 40% exam. Coursework is as follows:

  • 20% Two essay investigations – one based on genre e.g. film/documentary- one based on narrative or representation. One of these essays will be print-based e.g. an advert or newspaper story etc. One can be moving image.
  • 40%- Production piece – this includes the research, planning, the actual producing of the piece and an evaluation. Examples could include a magazine front page and contents, an extract from a documentary or the opening of a new soap opera.

The 2 ¼ hour exam is as follows:

  • Section A: Response to stimulus material seen only in the exam but topic will be studied before.
  • Section B: Creative task, designing and evaluating a piece of media in the exam.

Overall the G.C.S.E. Media Course at Crestwood enables pupils to:

  • Develop investigative skills and decision making skills by considering issues that are important, real and relevant to the world in which we live
  • Develop appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in our daily lives
  • Develop practical and creative skills
  • Understand how to use media concepts and apply these to different sorts of media

Media G.C.S.E. can lead to several possibilities in the future including; AS level media, film studies or English language, degree level media, film or communication studies and career paths in journalism, advertising, graphic design, camera work, script writing, TV production etc.