Everyone needs to be proficient in English. Not only is it the key to gaining expertise in all other subjects, it is vital for communication in life. Therefore we aim to develop students’ speaking and listening skills as well as improving their standard of reading and writing.

We take English beyond the classroom. Our students are able to take part in theatre visits, which add to their understanding and enjoyment of the curriculum. For many years, we have also entered students into competitions such as The Rotary Club’s ‘Youth Speaks’ competition and have reached the District Final Twice.

“The progress made by students in English is outstanding” – Ofsted

ICT has had a positive impact on students’ learning and we have incorporated this into several units of work, especially now we have the use of projectors and an interactive whiteboard in the department. Media is now also a discreet G.C.S.E. subject and is a popular option at Key Stage 4. This involves the study of TV, radio, film, the world of advertising and other features of the mass media genre. Pupils at key stage 4 also have the opportunity to opt for the Study Plus module, which, although has no individual qualification, increases their chances of gaining a grade C in G.C.S.E. English.

“The college helps students to develop good basic skills in literacy and numeracy.” – Ofsted

The revised National Curriculum gives us a clear focus for our teaching and learning in Key Stage 3 and enables us to plan exciting and innovative lessons to which all students access and enjoy. Lessons are also planned to target the Assessment Focuses at Key Stage 3 and pupils are able to easily track their performance and targets according to level descriptors related to these Assessment Focuses. At Key Stage 4 students follow the WJEC specifications for GCSE English and Literature, which offer a wide range of interesting and stimulating texts for study. Revision classes and Easter and Half Term School are available at Key Stage 4 and offer help to pupils to achieve their potential.