Geography is about understanding the world in which we live. Why it is like it is, what is causing it to change and what it might be like in the future? This includes understanding and learning about the physical landscape and scenery that surrounds us and the ways that both natural processes and people are changing the scenery and environments around us. The human landscape – our villages, towns and cities, where we live, how we live and making the right decisions for the future.

In Geography lessons we use a wide range of resources, including the internet, computer databases, photos, DVDs, maps, news articles, a variety of text books and a range of learning activities which include individual enquiries, group work, role play, paired work and fieldwork visits to areas such as, The New Forest and Hengistbury Head.

We follow the OCR B Specification which consists of four topics:

  • Natural Hazards
  • Rivers and Coasts
  • Economic Development
  • Population and Settlement

These are assessed by two exams and a controlled assessment based around local fieldwork.