At Crestwood we develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the past.  We teach them how to make an historical enquiry and seek to allow them varied and creative opportunities to organise and communicate what they have learned. These are life skills that are important to employers.

Lessons involve a variety of activities including teacher-talk, individual and group work, Powerpoints, DVDs, sort-cards, role-plays and visits. Some topics have cross-curricular links with drama, art and citizenship. Questioning was praised by Ofsted who commented that History was a popular subject.

The History GCSE is a popular option at KS4. We cover aspects of the Twentieth Century and sit written papers on in-depth studies of the USA 1910-1929 and Germany 1929-1947, and an outline study of the  USA 1929-2000 (75% of the overall marks).

For our Controlled Assessment (two essays, 25% of the overall available mark) we study aspects of British History. These assignments change each year.  In the past they have included Britain in the era of the First World War (the changing role of women and a study of interpretations of General Haig) or Britain and the era of the Second World War (evacuation and Dunkirk).

There are many interesting people, issues and events in this course like: the sinking of the Lusitania; Charlie Chaplin and the silent cinema; Adolf Hitler and Nazis Germany; gangsters like Al Capone; racism and the Ku Klux Klan; the changing role of women; Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Black Power; and much more.