Religious Studies

Pupils at Crestwood follow the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Studies:

Living Difference.

At KS3 pupils receive their RS teaching through Humanities lessons in Year 7& 8 and through a Christian ethics based element in the Citizenship curriculum in Year 9.

The KS3 curriculum aims to teach pupils some key skills while also bringing them into contact with a range of different faiths and traditions.

It is important to stress that the aim of RS is not to convert pupils to any particular faith. Rather it aims to allow them to explore and find ways to relate to a range of belief systems in preparation for life in the multi-faith society that Britain has become.

Year 7: Christianity and the Religions of India (Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism) and Islam are the topics we study.

Year 8: Jewish Life and Law (including the Holocaust) and Religion and Animals and Alternative Religions.