Students at Crestwood College study ICT for one lesson per week at Key Stage 3, they work on a series of units designed to give them the skills needed to work in todays’ IT literate society.

Topics covered include:

  • E-safety and cyberbullying
  • Tell me a story – presentation software
  • Crestwood murder mystery – Collecting and Handling Data
  • Changing room challenge – spreadsheets and modelling
  • Game design
  • Apps and App design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Spreadsheets and Modelling
  • Web Design and multimedia

All pupils are regularly assessed during each unit and are encouraged to develop their skills outside the classroom and across the curriculum.

In Key Stage 4 we currently offer the Certificate in Digital Applications – equivalent to 2 GCSE’s, this course has 2 units:

  • Collecting and Managing Data and Presenting Information
  • Multimedia or game design unit

From September we are pleased to announce that we will be offering the new CiDA specification with a core unit of presenting information and web design, followed by one optional unit from: multimedia, game design and graphics. This exciting new course is designed to prepare students with the skills they will need in today’s society.