Maths Department Website

Whether checking your change or wondering how spacecraft land on the Mars, from tiling the kitchen to contemplating the infinite, Mathematics is not only a life skill but also underpins our modern technological society.

As a department we aim to develop the abilities to use Mathematics as a means of accurate communication, to reason logically, to test, prove and generalise, to apply Mathematics in everyday situations and appreciate its place in all curriculum areas and the world at large.

Students traditionally enjoy success in the Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenges as well as organising visits for students of all abilities.

Mathematics at Crestwood follows the National Numeracy Strategy enabling a smooth transition from Junior to Secondary mathematics. This builds on the work done in Key Stage 2, ensuring a commonality of approach and continued progression. Students study three main areas of Mathematics:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Shape and Space
  • Data Handling

Investigation activities are also tackled on a regular basis.

In Key Stage 4, students embark upon their GCSE course. There are two tiers of entry foundation and higher – and the examination board is Edexcel. A new element of the exam is to test students functional ability. This means they have to be able to put the mathematics into context. Examples of this are; organising trips, tiling a wall/patio, comparing prices in a supermarket or booking a holiday. We do tasks to support this work but would like students to be involved in decisions at home to give them the practical experience of this work.

The equipment essential for mathematics at secondary school is: Pen, Pencil, Scientific calculator, protractor, pair of compasses, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener. This is vital so that the students are competent with their own equipment for their exams.