Modern Foreign Languages are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. The transferable skills learned in MFL lessons are amongst the most demanded from employers: good communication skills; an enterprising ethos; tolerance and understanding of others; and self-awareness and target-setting.

All students study one Modern Foreign Language in Year 7, either French or Spanish, and some have the opportunity to take a second language in later years. Students who have another community language will be given the opportunity to gain a qualification in their mother tongue.

Assessment for Learning is a central thread to all that we do, teaching students to identify their own progress and giving them the skills and confidence to know how to improve.

We offer a range of enrichment opportunities, including activity days throughout the year, Bastille celebrations in July and an International Day as part of Activities Week in June.

  • Year 8 students can go to the University of Southampton in July to take part in a languages day
  • Year 10 students are offered the chance to compete in the languages challenge at the University of Southampton in March, organised in collaboration with Solent Skills Quest
  • Year 11 engage in an enterprise day in September to celebrate the European Day of Languages. They have to advertise the local area for foreign visitors

We hope that through engagement in MFL lessons, our students will develop the all-round skills and confidence to manage the transition into the world of work.