Science is the only real way to understand the world around us. Its presence can be felt in every aspect of modern life, from the computer you are reading this on to the reason you walk out of the front door and not the window on your second floor. Science is a subject respected by colleges and employers and its skills are used across almost every other subject area.

“Students have made significantly rapid progress, particularly in English, Science and Mathematics.” – Ofsted

Good grades in Science can lead to exciting careers in many fields of employment, including engineering, chemistry, palaeontology, biology, a medical professional, geologist: All jobs that are consistently high earning. In fact Science is second only to law in terms of earning potential. Students at Crestwood study Science in all years.

They are introduced to new concepts and theories and develop a deep understanding of how the World and the Universe work. They look at the accomplishments of great scientists like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Marie Curie. Students also experience Science outside of the classroom with many exciting trip opportunities.