Guidance to Parents and Students Regarding September Reopening 2020

Please see attached the most recent guidance to parents.

New changes have been highlighted in yellow.

BTEC and Cambridge Nationals Results Update 27 August 2020

To Year 11,
We are pleased that so many of you are able to attend college and progress on to the courses you want to do in September.  To assist with your induction, we have an update for you on the BTEC and Cambridge Nationals results which have been published.


There have been no changes to the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia grades.
The grades you received on 20 August 2020 stand and you can continue to use these with colleges and employers.
BTEC Enterprise / BTEC Sport
For most students, the results released today by Pearson/Edexcel are exactly the same as the Centre Assessment Grades.  If you have not now received contact from your teacher, then you can assume the BTEC grades you received on 20 August are correct.
For a small number of students, the grades are different or are missing altogether.  By now, you should have received contact from your teacher to explain the current situation.  We are appealing ALL grades which have been lowered or are missing.  If you have any further queries, please contact your Business or PE teacher directly.

End of Summer Term ‘Best Bits’ 2020

Message for Year 11

Ofqual has published a video and guidance sheet that explains how the grades for your GCSEs are being allocated this year. We appreciate that some of you may have questions about this and so we felt that it would be helpful to share these with you:

Best wishes
Mr Russell

Pastoral Structure 2020-21

Click the following link to view the Pastoral Structure for 2020-21:-

Welcome Back Year 10

During this feature, Mrs Dawkins and Mr Hussey talk you through the changes made at Crestwood Community School for your safety. The aim is to support you and show you what we are doing as a school.

Changes to both campuses feature in the video below: –

A thank you to Hampshire pupils and students

Access to online lessons – Using a mobile phone

Access to online lessons – Using a laptop

Message from Eastleigh College

Support for Year 11 pupils

We recognise that the exam and assessment changes this summer will have caused uncertainty for schools, pupils, their families and future employers. The College is wholly committed to ensuring that no course or apprenticeship applicant will be disadvantaged as a result of the exam and assessment changes and we will work with every individual to ensure transition to College is as smooth as possible.

For those yet to apply or yet to be interviewed, staff will ask to see Year 10 and Year 11 reports, mock results and any GCSE or vocational courses already completed, to inform decisions about all course and apprenticeship offers.

Please note our applications process remains fully operational and interviews will be conducted via phone, or Microsoft Teams. Contact details for any enquiry are available on our website here and applications can be made here.