We believe parents have a vital role to play in helping the College improve the quality of education their child receives. We encourage parents to share their views and become involved in the use of the school. Our parents run a PTA and forum to share ideas and generate initiatives for students that will help improve the quality of provision within the College. We also have Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep parents informed of events and to receive comments to help us improve.

“The overwhelming majority of parents said they were very pleased with the way the college is led and would recommend it to others.” – Ofsted

The small size of our College allows us to get to know your child really well. No student is hidden and everyone is treated as an individual. The students themselves describe the school as the “Crestwood family”. We will find those areas and ways of learning which stimulate them to achieve their best. This knowledge helps us, as educators, to pitch our teaching and provide challenge on their learning journey. Every student leaves as a successful individual, regardless of their ability and starting points.

Throughout the year students are continually assessed to monitor their progress. Students also reflect, together with their teacher, on their own achievements and set targets. Each student will receive three reports per year, known as “Progress Reports”. These are across all subjects and track progress made, with specific targets for improvement.

In addition, parents will be invited into College with their child to meet their teachers, where they will review progress.