The Governors, Senior Leadership Team and staff of Crestwood Community School believe that smart schoolwear forms an essential part of the school ethos. All students attending Crestwood Community School are required to wear the correct uniform at all times.

The school transitioned to a new compulsory uniform for all from September 2018.

Compulsory Uniform:

  • Black blazer with Crestwood logo and a white collared shirt
  • Grey tailored trousers or grey knee-length skirt
  • School tie
  • Dark socks or black/natural coloured tights
  • Black, low heeled leather shoes or solid black trainers with no other colour used
  • Black/Dark coat – outdoor coats are to be worn to and from school only


  • Red branded jumper although unbranded, if it matches the colour

Not allowed:

  • Non solid-black trainers, or canvas/plimsolls of any colour
  • No leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans or tight-fitting fashion trousers

Compulsory PE kit:

Light blue PE shirt with logo, navy blue shorts, white ankle socks, trainers (no canvas or plimsolls. Optional PE kit: Navy blue tracksuit bottoms, Navy blue fleece top with logo, blue rugby shirt for boys, navy blue football socks


  • The only items of jewellery which are permitted are a watch and a single stud in each ear. No other piercings are permitted
  • No decorative bracelets or necklaces
  • Retainers, spikes and expanders are not permitted, facial and other piercings can not be covered, they must be removed

Hair and Make-Up:

  • No extreme haircuts (no shorter than a grade 2)
  • Hair colours must only be natural hair colours
  • Make up is not permitted, including nail varnish or false/acrylic nails

The school reserves the right in all matters concerning uniform to assess what is and what is not acceptable. If parents or students require further clarification on any of the regulations listed in our uniform policy please contact the Year Leader in the first instance.

Uniform grants have been withdrawn from Hampshire County Council. Parents/carers finding themselves in financial hardship should contact adminoffice@crestwood.hants.sch.uk. There is set criteria that applies, but we also make allowances for the commencement of multiple children, e.g. twins.

All of our uniform can be purchased from SkoolKit in Eastleigh or online.