Transition from primary to secondary is an exciting time for many children who look forward to this change with enthusiasm. Before applying to Crestwood, we warmly invite you to our Open Evening and/or book a tour of the school during a normal working day. Our Open Evenings are held towards the end of September and of course we would welcome both you and your son/daughter to attend.

Click here view our latest prospectus. If you would like a printed copy, please email the school office or telephone the school on 023 8064 1232. We do send a copy of our prospectus to all students that attend our feeder schools.

You can download a .pdf version of our Admissions Policy from the Policies page.

How to Apply

When your child is moving from primary to secondary school, you will be sent an application form (usually via your child’s primary school in the Autumn Term of Year 6) and applications are dealt with centrally by the Children’s Services Department.

If your child attends a private school, a school outside Hampshire, or you move into the area after the Autumn Term, you should apply directly to Hampshire Children’s Services for advice and an application form. If you wish to apply for a school place at any other time, please contact the school to ascertain if space is available.

You can enter your postcode into the following website to check if you fall into the catchment area or not:


Crestwood work very closely with our cluster primary schools to help support pupils and parents as early as possible when issues arise.

In the first week of March, our Year 7 pupils write buddy letters to the Year 6 pupils. Pupils and parents are invited to a short visit/coffee morning during which the Year 6 pupils meet their Year 7 buddies and In early September a Year 7 team building/bonding day takes place at Hilliers.

During May and June, the Transition Coordinator visits all Year 6 pupils in all feeder schools with an information pack and gathers information about the pupils and any specific needs.

For pupils with specific learning needs, the ILN Department arrange additional short taster visits and liaise closely with staff in their schools.

In early July, an Induction Day and Evening is held when Year 6 pupils will meet their tutors and experience a variety of activities across the curriculum. We take great care in ensuring that the tutor groups are balanced and that any pupil has at least one of their identified friends in their group. A further induction pack is distributed to parents at the Induction Evening.

Normally the first day of the new academic year is devoted to Year 7 and Year 11.

In early September a Year 7 team building/bonding day takes place at Hilliers.

If you would like to apply for transport to school please complete the online form for new starters.